Training Style

Who We are


Perfect Gundogs are made, not born. If you are struggling with that blind retrieve, or cannot make your dog follow your command, Coals Creek Gundogs is just a step away. Turning an unhappy pup to a happy, trained dog needs much time and good ground. And we have everything that is required along with patience.  

Currently, we have a big ground where we train all of our dogs. We also have access to some wood areas where we can take the dog and train them for hunting. Along with training, we do provide lots of games on the ground. We do provide group lessons as well as solo lessons based on your choice. Our trained dogs are our pride, and they never failed to maintain it. 



One to One Training

In one to one type of training, you come with your dog on an hourly basis, and we train your dog as per your requirement. We will also teach you how to work with your dog, whether it’s for the shoot, trial, or just a well-behaved dog. It’s okay if you’re not a shooting person because we have trained many people just to have a good company. 


In this training, you will leave your dog with us till we train it to the level you asked us for. Of course, there’s a certain period based on the training you ask. We first observe your dog for a few days and discuss its strengths and weaknesses with you. At the end of the training, we give you some lessons on how to handle your newly trained friend. 

Our trainers

Our trainers are highly talented people who know how to train a dog without being harsh. Socialization is a big focus of our training: they focus on real-life obedience skills, mental health management, and impulse control. They ensure each dog receives personalized training we make sure our trainers are licensed and experienced in training.

Training Style

We have different courses based on the age of dogs and skills. We are always happy to discuss more, so if you have any queries, then you can connect with us. 

You can also talk to our trainers if you have any concerns about your champ. They will happily answer you with guidance. You can also visit us and express your concern to us.