Coals Creek Team

We are a Big Family

Being around a dog is not all about the hobby. It takes time, effort, patience, calmness, consistency, and most importantly understanding. Not anybody can be a gun dog trainer. It requires a piece of deep knowledge and training skills. Our trainers are not just trainers, they’re passionate hunters who love to hunt with dogs and that’s why they are so good. Our trainers are good to train gun dogs and handlers as well. 

Our mission at Coals Creek Gundogs is very simple and clear – Providing the best Dog service. All of our team members are ready and available to help when needed. Feel free to ask any questions regarding puppies, gun dogs, dog breeding, or dog training. We will be happy to assist you.

Our Furry Companions

We love and care for all furry friends. Our training process is smooth and relaxing. Each training session may push the dog to their fullest potential, but we ensure that every dog gets a relaxing time after the session. We train dogs on both a physical and spiritual level. Your dogs will get all the attention with care from day one. Every dog is special to us. We aim to make them feel safe and have fun to feel confident.

We have puppies, and they have a special place in our hearts. They are connected with us from day one. All our gundogs are hunting machines. We feel proud when our trained dogs achieve success on the field. All our dogs are our pride. Come and see us on our ground and start your gundog training with Coals Creek Gundog today!

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Now that you’ve got to know so much about us and our team, why don’t you explore more about us? If you have a query, just ask us in the form mentioned below. We’ll get back to you soon!