Training Questions

Do I need to join the training classes along with the dog?

No, of course, you don’t need to join the class. Although it’s an excellent idea, your presence will help you to be around your new dog, and you can start bonding. 

Which training methods do you use?

Our trainers are masters in many methods, and usually, they use a mix of methods. Although the training method depends on the breed of the dog. Our trainers discuss the applicable methods with you before starting the training.  

Are the training sessions full of dogs and people?

Usually, we do not conduct training sessions around many people and dogs. However, socialization is also required for training dogs, so we do provide some sessions and encourage the owner to take the class. 

Where do you train the dogs?

(Name of training place)

Puppies Questions

When can I start the training of my puppy?

You can start puppy training from the next day you get them. Most puppies go away from their mothers after 8 to 10 weeks. It’s considered as the best time for puppies to get into the basics in terms of commands. It is also advisable to introduce your puppy to many different people. 

What are you feeding the puppy currently?

We will provide you the complete care guide about the puppy that we hand over to you along with food and other details. 

Do you provide a puppy’s family history?

Based on a puppy, we do provide information about the breed line. We understand that this information is essential and can help you monitor the health of your puppy.  

Do you sign any contract when I get a puppy from you?

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Breeding Questions

When can you breed a female dog?

It depends on many factors. We check whether she is ready to breed biologically. We also check that it is ethical to breed her now at this age? A female dog gets sexually mature by six months, but it can also get late as two years, depending on the breed. 

How long does it take to tell that the female dog is pregnant after mating?

It takes three to four weeks, and after that, many methods can be used to detect the pregnancy of a female dog. 

Are the puppies pedigreed?

All our puppies are AKC registered. Your pup will come with registration applications. It is up to you to complete the registration(s) if you wish. If you are not planning on breeding, showing, or competing in events, there is really no reason to register your pup other than to see her/his pedigree EXCEPT to take advantage of AKC’s offer of 30 days of free health insurance when you register your pup. If you ARE planning on registering for whatever reason, be sure to do it before the pup turns a year old as it gets more complicated and more expensive after that.

Do you ever have adults dogs available?

On occasion, we will have retired adults available.

Contact Us

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