Who We Are

Who We are


Watching a skilled dog is a piece of pride for the owner. Every skilled dog working in a field deserves a chance to feel a competent member, and the Coals Creek Gundogs group is here for that only. We aim to help the owner of gundogs to understand and motivate their dog to coordinate with them. If you are a dog lover and all your interest is in teaching your dog-friendly manners, then also you’re welcome here. We provide such training, which helps you to build a lasting bond with your dog. 

Our training courses will help you understand your dog’s thought process, so you get the knowledge of how to alter your dog’s behavior. Our trainer will guide you with basic instructions so you don’t have to worry about anything. All of our training team members are qualified and have a splendid experience. Our inspiring and highly trained trainers use positive techniques along with some fresh ideas.



1. Puppy Selection

Our puppies are well maintained on a diet and receive good healthcare. All our puppies are well socialized and well behaved. They have spent the first few months experiencing various aspects of life at home as well as in the field.

2. Best Hunting Dogs

Having a hunting dog increases the chances of enjoyment and successful hunting. Good hunting dogs are a combination of breeding and training and that’s hard to find. No need to worry because we have an amazing collection of dogs.

3. Training Program

We have special training courses designed for each dog. We allow puppies to enter a training course under a professional trainer. For the hunting dogs, we have different courses based on their skills and demand of the owner.

Why Choose Us


We have different training courses from basic to advanced. We train your dog in the real world. From well-behaved gundogs to master in the field, we provide all the training. We also have puppies who are trained well since birth. We have gundog puppy training courses that are suitable for dogs under 6 months old. 

Coals Creek Gundogs is a destination for the owner of dogs who are looking for gundog training, stud service, smart puppies, and more help regarding the dog. We understand that gundogs need to be well behaved in a field, and we know how to train them. Over the years, we have built a reputation for the best dog trainer. We also have started dogs and finished dogs for the people interested in the field. All our training courses are performed with a required set of equipment which is high in quality. If you have any additional or specific question don’t hesitate to contact us!

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